Sunday, 6 September 2015

Buaian Berendoi Murah: September Promotion is still ON!

Calling for mummy-to-be area KL, Kajang, Bangi, Putrajaya & Seri Kembangan District!

Special Promotion just for you! The promotion price is inclusive TRANSPORTATION COST!

Weeeehoooo. You may choose your theme color and your design as well.

Limited for 5 clients only.

Normal Price : RM550 (not inclusive transportation cost)

Promo Price : RM499 only (inclusive transportation cost)

What will you get?

1 panel 8ft-10ft backdrop
Artificial Flower Arrangement
White soft cloth as carpet
Set merenjis
Bantal duduk for mummy
1 set arcylic

Berminat boleh contact us 

Whatapps/call: 017 259 4029 / 019 275 4209

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Why i choose to be SAHM

It's been a long silence. I  guess i was too occupied with mother's duties, office workload & my own business.

I almost break myself because of over working. i'm not sure i've become whom so i decided to re-think about my future and that's why i choose to be SAHM.

There were few things that i've been considering:

1. Do i love my job? - YES, I love my job, my company but i can't handle the "game"
2. Does my job makes me feel stress? - YES, i still replying email during midnight. Which i don't like to do that. Prinsip kehidupan kami (husband and wife) is actually, to enjoy our quality night together.
3. Do i love my mother/wife duties? - YES and a lot
4. Do i enjoy doing busines? - Yes and a lot. But one thing about weekend business, you don't have much time to attend your friend's wedding, luxury time for relative's kenduri. And we do not have time for ourselves either. Since we don't have a maid, semua we all have to do it. Kemas rumah, laundry etc..and sejujurnya memang boleh buat gaduh sebab terlalu penat.
5. Others reason? - everytime aaisyah demam, encik husband yang akan EL. Most of the time, i only take EL for serious case macam aaisyah admitted or emergency call from Babysitter. Most of the time sebab i takut nak mintak EL from my boss. Aaisyah pon asyik cakap nanti "mama (she called her BS as mama) marah". Every day dia asyik cakap smpi dekat 30-40 times a day and i don't feel good bout that.

Because of that, i decided to quit my job. At least, i can take a good care of aaisyah, raise her the way i wanted and do what i wanted to do.

I resign after dapat bonus and saving sikit2. At least, i ada 4 months saving. Kalau rasa tak mampu untuk duduk rumah, i will start looking a new job. Tapi before berhenti, i make sure medical card aaisyah and i dah bayar untuk setahun. Ada saving untuk roadtax. Supaya  I don't feel stress later on.

At the same time, i planned apa nak buat sambil2 berhenti. Apa yang on my list is

1. Provide service surprise delivery - InshaAllah next week launch. Sapa yang nak hantar bunga/hadiah kat girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife/parent area Kajang, Bangi, Putrajaya or Cyberjaya boleh contact I. Nnt i tunjuk sample handbouquet. Harga start from RM39 (Free transportation cost!!!).

2. Provide service personal shopper IKEA - since i duduk rumah & i loveeeee shopping. I will provide this service. Client hanya snap picture barangan IKEA yang diingini - whatapps/PM facebook i - we will quote the price for u. Kami akan belikan and anda boleh self collect barangan anda di Kajang, Bangi, Taman Melawati. Yezza, client pon hassle free. Tak payah bazir minyak, tenaga & masa. Tak payah beratur panjang nak bayar. Semua kami uruskan. Nak postkan ke rumah anda pon boleh.

3. Service buaian berendoi - ini main business saya. Kalau nak buat pelamin budget, pelamin exclusive semua boleh dibawa berbincang. Contact saja saya, siap ada pakej candy buffet & clown.

Panjang sudah menaip. Next time kita sambung lagi.

Yang benar,
Sarina Saleh
Perempuan yang kerah tenaga 24 jam

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Buaian Berendoi Exclusive: Promo September

Assalam lovelies!

We are proudly to present our SEPTEMBER PROMO

Dais decoration for Majlis Aqiqah 

Normal Price : RM550 (not inclusive transportation cost)

Promo Price : RM499 only (inclusive transport cost)

Promo price only cover KL, Kajang, Bangi, Putrajaya & Seri Kembangan district

Only for 10 clients. Clients may choose their preferred theme color.

Event must be in Sept 2015-Nov 2015.
Any enquiries, please contact

Sarina (0172594029)
Sufian (0192754209)

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